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The 192 pages of this book cover Dorothy Woollard’s life and work.  The main focus is upon her original etchings and woodcuts, but there is also information on her pencil drawings and watercolours, as well as commercial commissions she undertook. 

Here is the complete contents list.

Boom and bust in the etching world  The sudden end of the etching revival in 1929 was the dotcom crash of its day. But while it lasted, it provided a buoyant market for original etchings.  This first chapter of the book describes the rise and fall of the etching revival.

"A fairly successful life"  This was how Dorothy described her own life when she was in her nineties. This biography tells the story of her life from her birth in Clifton, Bristol, in 1886, through her art education at the Bristol School of Art and London's Royal College of Art, the 50 years during which she lived in central London, and the final 14 years of her life in Cambridge.

Chronology A dateline of the main events in Dorothy’s life.

Where there’s copper, there’s hope  What was it like to be taught etching by the legendary Sir Frank Short at the Royal College of Art School of Etching and Engraving ? Based on Short’s own writings, this chapter provides fascinating insights into etching techniques and education of the period.

"A keen eye for the picturesque"  This is how The Times newspaper described Dorothy’s latest work in 1913. How is her etched work regarded nowadays ? Comments from two print experts.

Gallery  Enjoy Dorothy’s work. 24 original etchings and woodcuts, most reproduced actual size.

On show  Listings of the exhibitions at which Dorothy showed etchings and other works, from 1910 to the 1940s.

Dorothy Woollard etchings and drawings in public and private collections  Where to see Dorothy’s work nowadays in public collections, plus notes on well-known collectors who acquired her work over the years.

Print catalogue  For many print collectors, dealers and others this will be the chapter of most interest. It is the first comprehensive catalogue of her work ever published, with details of some 200 etchings and woodcuts. About half are illustrated.

Appendix 1 The Woollards and Eastes:  Biographical notes and photographs of her family.

Appendix 2 Art world connections:  Biographical notes on her etching teachers, other etchers she knew and worked with, and a section on noted printer and typographer George W Jones, who commissioned drawings from her.

Appendix 3 The A&C Black Sketchbook series:  There are six books in this series for which Dorothy provided the pencil drawings in the early 1920s.

Appendix 4 Commissions: The book is principally about Dorothy’s work as an etcher, but this chapter presents information on some of the commercial commissions she undertook for drawings.

Appendix 5 Frost & Reed:  The fascinating story of Bristol-based Frost & Reed, who published most of Dorothy’s etchings. A pioneering print publisher using marketing techniques that were way ahead of their time.

Bibliography:  Books that include a mention of or an illustration of work by Dorothy Woollard, as well as general books that provide useful insights into etching and etchers in the early 20th century.

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