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From the Bristol Review of Books, Spring 2009

The Bristol Review of Books is an important quarterly literary review. Widely available from bookshops in and around Bristol, and concentrating on books by Bristol publishers and/or about Bristol themes, it is the only publication of its type outside London.
      The Spring 2009 issue included a full-page review of ‘Dorothy Woollard and the etching revival’, written by veteran Bristol publisher John Sanson. (John is no stranger to the subject of etchings. It was his company Redcliffe Press that in 1990 published the first book about the Bristol etchers - Sheena Stoddard’s ‘City Impressions: Bristol etchers 1910-1935’, which reviewed all the most important etchers of the period, including Dorothy Woollard*).
      This what John had to say about ‘Dorothy Woollard and the etching revival’:
      ‘What a fascinating book [Roger Staton] has produced. Not only a ‘life’ but an enthralling story of those heady days when the normally tranquil world of etchings spawned an investment bubble.
      ‘The book is rich in associative material: including a lucid explanation of the arcane etching and drypoint processes, the role played by local art dealers/publishers Frost & Reed in selling prints worldwide, a catalogue of all Dorothy’s known work, pages of wonderful plates and a check list of prints in public collections.’

*  The Sheena Stoddard book about the Bristol etchers is still available from Redcliffe Press.  See http://www.redcliffepress.co.uk/bristol.html.

From Printmaking Today, Autumn 2008 issue

"It is pleasing to see an etcher from an earlier era of the RE honoured with such a thorough and comprehensive book.  Not only does the author describe in detail the life and work of Dorothy Woollard ... but gives a picture of the intense teaching of Frank Short at the RCA."
      Extract from the book review by Michael Blaker, RE.

Find out more about this magazine at www.printmakingtoday.co.uk.

From Print Quarterly, September 2008 issue

"Roger Staton's new book ... will ensure that fellow enthusiasts for the work of this British printmaker will have access to a very full account of her life and artistis career, as well as a record of the prints that she is so far known to have executed."
      Extract from the book review by Martin Hopkinson.

The website for Print Quarterly is www.printquarterly.com.

From This is Bristol, online version of the Bristol Evening Post newspaper.

"DOROTHY Woollard’s work throughout the Twenties and Thirties is surely due for a revival and here, at last, is a book to help make it happen."
      This is the opening sentence of an article under the headline 'Etching our city scenes'.
      You can read the article in full at http://www.thisisbristol.co.uk/news/Etching-city-scenes/article-271221-detail/article.html

From the Bristol Evening Post 18th August 2008

The 'Bristol Times' supplement of the newspaper ran a double-page spread about Dorothy Woollard and the new book, illustrated with several of her best etchings of Bristol scenes and specially-taken photographs showing the same scenes as they appear today.
      Dorothy came from Bristol, and the newspaper has taken a keen interest in the new book.  

From the US Journal of the Print World, summer 2008 edition, reproduced in full here with permission.  You can find out more about this print collecting publication at www.journaloftheprintworld.com.

The following write-up appeared under a large picture of the book front cover.

From 'inSE1', a local community magazine serving residents of London's Bankside area, where Dorothy Woollard did several drawings and etchings

"Roger Staton's life of Woollard is delightful, readable and has drawn together new information."
      Leigh Hatts, Editor, InSE1.