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Well, actually it's quite difficult to find published references to Dorothy Woollard, although her work was regularly reproduced in books, newspapers and magazines between 1912 and 1930.  That's why there was a real need for an authoritative book about her life and work.

The book contains a long bibiliography of books that mention Dorothy Woollard or provide useful background information on etching and etchers in the early 20th century.  The following publications are worth a look.

The following are still in print, and you should be able to order a copy through any good bookseller:

'City Impressions: Bristol etchers 1910-35', by Sheena Stoddard, Redcliffe Press Ltd, ISBN 1-872971-20-2.  Sheena is Fine Art Curator at Bristol's Museum & Art Gallery, and an authority on the etchers who emerged from Bristol.  This book has a large section on Dorothy Woollard, with reproductions of 12 of her etchings. 

'Etched in memory: the building and survival of artistic reputation', by Gladys Engel Lang and Kurt Lang, University of Illinois Press, 2001, ISBN 0-252-07028-3.  A fascinating academic analysis of the early 20th century etching revival in the UK and USA, and why some etchers were later forgotten, with special attention to women etchers of the period.

The reference book 'British Artists 1880-1940', published in 1980 by the Antique Collectors' Club includes Dorothy Woollard in its listings.

'No day without a line' is the official history of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (generally known as the RE), published in 1999 by the Ashmolean Museum (ISBN 1 85444 119 1 in paperback).

The following are out of print, but occasionally available from specialist & collectors' bookshops:

An earlier history of the RE published in 1930 by the Print Collectors' Club contains a reproduction of one of the few portraits Dorothy Woollard etched  -  a stipple engraving titled simply 'head of a girl'.

'British Etchers 1850-1940', by Kenneth M. Guichard, published by Robin Garton, 1977 lists Dorothy Woollard but doesn't show any of her work.

The Studio magazine  -  an important monthly art and design publication of its day  -  devoted five pages to the latest etchings of Bristol scenes by Dorothy Woollard in its March 1914 edition.  Bound volumes of these magazines can occasionally be found in collectors' bookshops.

Also useful:

'Mistresses of the graphic arts', 1995, published by Elizabeth Harvey-Lee.  Elizabeth is a print dealer who has made a special study of women etchers.  Contact her at 1 West Cottages, Middle Aston Road, North Aston, Oxon OX25 5QB